Breathe Out
Traditional Masks.

Breathe in

with M21®.

Introducing M21® – the world’s first two-chambered mask design system utilizing its patent-pending Directional Airflow Technology™.

The Anatomy of M21® face masks in Philadelphia, PA<br />

Traditional masks force wearers to continuously breathe in their own recirculated, exhaled air, which can interfere with airflow and restrict oxygen intake. M21®’s two-chamber design supports the natural breathing process by isolating the nose and mouth.

Clean, Isolated

Maximum level of Comfort

Ideal for long-term wear

Face Masks Supplier Based in Philadelphia, PA

Below are the face mask inserts currently available. Select the option most appropriate based on the face masks that you and your family wear. Whether you wear a face mask for protection against allergins, pollutants, foreign particles, or disease, you’re one step closer to breathing better!

M21+™ Universal


M21+™ Surgical


Two Pack


Family Pack


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